Rally against wage theft, Diaz v. Mondragon lawsuit, June 2016
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Selma Bloody Sunday Bridge Crossing Jubilee 50th Anniversary March 2015
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Actualizaciones de COVID-19

Debido al COVID-19 (coronavirus), hemos tomado la decisión de CERRAR nuestra oficina al público hasta el 15 de abril. Es muy importante que aseguremos la salud de nuestros miembros y la comunidad. También, estamos CANCELANDO estos eventos hasta aviso nuevo: la reunión anual de membresía, las clases de inglés, los grupos de mujeres, las reuniones de todos los comités y otros eventos que típicamente están en Adelante. El personal de Adelante seguirá trabajando de sus casos y pueden ser contactados por teléfono o correo electrónico. Para ayuda con casos de derechos laborales u inmigración o cualquier pregunta o necesidad, llámanos a (205) 317-1481. Para actualizaciones sobre la oficina o COVID-19, síguenos en las redes sociales @adelantealabama.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have decided to CLOSE our office to the public until April 15, 2020. It’s critical that we ensure the health of our members and of the community in this moment of uncertainty. Also, we are POSTPONING these events until further notice: Annual Membership Meeting, English classes, Women’s Groups, ALL committee meetings and other events normally held at Adelante. Adelante staff will continue working from home and can be contacted by phone. For help with workers’ rights or immigration detention cases, or for other needs or questions, call us at (205) 317-1481 or email us at info@adelantealabama.org. To stay up-to-date on our office closure and COVID-19, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @adelantealabama or on Facebook at Adelante Alabama Worker Center


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About Us

Adelante Alabama Worker Center unites day laborers, domestic workers, and other low-wage and immigrant workers and their families in the Birmingham area to defend their rights, promote their dignity, and pursue justice for all.

We envision a multiracial worker-led movement for justice, dignity and human rights that lifts up the voices of the most vulnerable and excluded workers, and welcomes individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, sexualities, faiths, and immigration statuses. We strive to move our communities forward (adelante) to a world where immigrants, people of color, and all working-class families are respected and safe at work, in the streets, and where they live.

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