Birmingham Sanctuary City

Join us for the March For Sanctuary! Saturday, June 3rd starting at 10:00 AM in Kelly Ingram Park in downtown Birmingham. We’ll be posting more details here and in the Facebook event soon!


Adelante and a coalition of community partners are leading the charge to make Birmingham a sanctuary city – the first in Alabama!

On January 31, 2017, the Birmingham City Council passed a resolution declaring its commitment to making Birmingham a sanctuary city. Now we are calling on the Council and all of our local elected leaders to make good on that promise by implementing strong, concrete, and lawful protections for the city’s immigrant communities. Birmingham, a bastion of civil rights and progress, must equally respect the civil rights of all residents and resoundingly reject being used as an arm of the Trump Administration’s detention and deportation machinery.

To learn more about what a “sanctuary city” is, and why smart sanctuary policies increase public safety and uphold, not violate, the law, check out Adelante’s Legal & Policy Briefing: Making Birmingham a Sanctuary City (March 6, 2017) (also available en español: Informe Jurídico y Político: Convertir a Birmingham en Ciudad Santuario)

Adelante joined the amicus briefs filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center Santa Clara v. Trump and San Francisco v. Trump, the lawsuits challenging a provision of President Trump’s immigration executive order threatening to revoke federal funds from “sanctuary” jurisdictions. On April 25, 2017, a federal judge blocked the provision of Trump’s order!


Birmingham Sanctuary Campaign Members include:

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Additional resources on sanctuary jurisdictions and ending police-ICE collusion:

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Letters to Congress from the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, Major County Sheriff’s Association, Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force and others opposing federal legislation to deny funding to “sanctuary” jurisdictions

Map of jurisdictions that limit or bar local law enforcement entanglement in immigration enforcement

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